Remarks worth as many as #supercartip 2: preferred instrument

Remarks worth as many as #supercartip 2: preferred instrument

I met a trader who in less than 2 and a half years earned 14.5 million dollars starting from 8 thousand. He described in detail what tools he uses, it was fascinating.

My attention drew one detail, actually one sentence, which may be crucial for its success.

He said he was playing AUD/USD, it’s his favorite pair.

This may mean that this specific set that is used in there works best. This is the first thing.

The second: a long time of observation of the pair makes the traders work out intuition, a good sense of what is normal behavior for the couple and what is not.

There are many systems on the market and their authors quite agree that “this system works on everything”, but the realities may be completely different.

If you are studying a new system, ask the author the question on what he has the most trades and why.

Why? Trader played on AUD/USD while living in the Singapore area. It is a completely different time zone and completely different movements than in Europe.

Which instruments does your system work best on?