Remarks worth as many as supercar #supercartip

Remarks worth as many as supercar #supercartip

The ability to earn large amounts by the best traders consists of several main areas. The 3 most important are:

  • system and MM,
  • psyche and …
  • many organizational solutions.

Today about one of them. And I have a story for you…

Experienced (retail) trader whose results are slowly climbing up (systematically, but slowly) was asked what his trading looks like. He said he only trade on the DAX30. Usually, in the morning, he opens several positions, which are usually profitable, but he loses all profit during the day. The tip is self-imposed – analyze dozens of recent entries and check at what time you regularly earn, and in which you systematically lose.

Three weeks later, he says that he did as he was advised and he immediately noticed that he was the best at the beginning of the London session. From the next day he focused only on the opening hours of this session.

The results immediately went up:

“Now for only what I’ve earned in the last 3 weeks I can buy a super car.”

What’s in it for you:

High earnings do not necessarily depend on some miraculous solutions.

In this story we have a situation where all things seem to be in place, but the trader is still stuck and earns too little.

This type of banal advice he got is often overlooked, despite the fact that they can determine defeat, success or even enormous success.

I thought that from time to time I would describe such super-tips for you and label them #SUPERCARTIP.