Differences between the best of the best traders and other traders in dealing with emotions (Part 2)

How can you speed up the process of traders maturing to the best level (#Top 10%)?

Teaching young traders how the emotional reaction looks like, what the consequences are, how to stop its development and how they can learn to consciously manage their emotional states – just like the best.

The strategies of visualization and management of emotional states before they appear, taming with them can be a great help here. Similar techniques are used by special forces in preparation for new missions.

Another element that is proven in managing emotions are breathing techniques.

In the management of strong stress, meditation and mindfullnes are practically not effective, they are like aspirin for ebola. Mindfulness and meditations, as they are ineffective in the case of strong states, can help in the long-term shaping of the appropriate psychological and philosophical attitude, gaining distance to each other and events, work (in conjunction with visualization) with future reactions using eg imagined exposure techniques.

This is the only way to shorten emotional maturation (maybe a few years). Let’s take into account that some traders with very large experience, over fifteen years old – also do not know and do not use such strategies, so learning somehow “top-down” can be one way that the young will come into contact with them.