Confidence of the best traders #Top10%

Confident people better control the level of stress in difficult situations which leads to better results.

They accept that there may be fear, pressure, various negative emotions and they know that they will be able to deal with them.

They can transform potentially dangerous (or undesirable) situations into challenges.

They remain calm and calm even in surprising situations that may cause panic, anger, anger or a strong emotional tension in others.

The first step in approaching the level of the best traders (# Top10%) is to learn about your own automatic reactions that you have in stressful situations. The second step will be to try to control them, of course.

Here are the automatic reactions I want to pay attention to:

  • Muscle stress related to stress (examples: bending head to shoulders, taking a defensive posture, fast breathing, muscle tremors, tightness in the throat, trembling hands and legs, shaking of the voice, dry mouth).
  • Thoughts and imagination: chasing thoughts, negative images of the future, catastrophes, visions of negative consequences, repeating the same phrases over and over again (“shit, shit, shit” – with an appropriate emotional landing).
  • Psychics: feelings of lack of control over the situation and yourself, doubts in your skills, doubts whether I can cope with the situation, self-criticism, negative self-talk.

The best have either innate talent or have gone a long way by building themselves and their psyche around positive (or neutral) reactions, thanks to which their endurance level in very stressful situations is much higher than average.

Work on getting closer to their level consists in getting used to and hardening.