About LFTA


Our mission is to popularize the best practices and knowledge about the success in trading among traders and investors.

Methods of realizing our mission

Educational projects aimed at beginner and advanced traders. We use video, webinars, trainings but also ebooks, interviews with traders, publication of books based on research conducted, participation in conferences, publication of research reports and articles in the press.

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Head of LFTA

Dariusz Swierk, PhD, the head of the LFTA.

Author of pioneering research on the path of the trader’s development, factors of success in trading, the role of internal strength as one of the key elements of success. Author and co-author of several research projects in the field of trading in fast markets.

Former strategist, consultant and corporate trainer. Author of numerous articles in the specialist press dedicated to management issues.

A member of the American Management Association. In 1995 he was recorded in “Who is Who in the World”.

His PhD thesis on the application of stochastics in the physics of electromagnetic field propagation received the Dean’s Award from the Faculty of Fundamental Problems of Technology, PWr.

Hi. My name is Dariusz Swierk (maybe we’ve already met). I’ve been researching traders for over a dozen years. Also the best traders in the world. I wanted to get to know their secret. As a result, a book was wrote „Conversations with Forex Market Masters” and a comprehensive course for traders on the psychology of trading. It’s composed of 52 lessons containing the knowledge and experience of the best traders and investors.

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